Happy Holidays 2021

It's already January, but just wanted to give a quick re-cap of our holiday adventures! Our family had an eventful holiday season - we participated in a few vendor markets, from Annapolis to Richmond.  I thank God that so many people expressed genuine interest in what we're doing. Being out and sharing our stories with others is such a blessing! It's a blessing for a lot of reasons.  Number one: I feel so much joy about creating something positive for my son and others like him. Number two: to see the joy and love on other people's faces when we're talking about pouring back into our kids, or when we're talking about the impact our grandparents have on us (even now), or when you see a mom nod in agreement because she understands what you're trying to do.  All of it is food for the soul.

So I just wanted to acknowledge all of that, as we enter into this next season, 2022. I'm thankful for all of the joy that this love project is bringing our way. I'm so looking forward to the days ahead.  May God continue to cover us all! :-)